This chic and romantic London wedding took place at Dartmouth House, an elegant Georgian mansion set in the heart of Mayfair which provided the perfect cool oasis for this very special summer wedding. We worked with the wonderful Louise Perry to design the flowers for Alix and Oliver’s big day, which began at that most-loved Mayfair institution, Claridge’s. The theme of the wedding was elegant, romantic, and playful, a true reflection of our couple’s joyful personalities. Alix’s bridal bouquet was filled with delicately scented roses, stocks, elegant white orchids, and a range of dainty summer blooms in gentle pastel shades. The bridesmaids carried smaller posies to match Alix’s bouquet, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

At Dartmouth House, we adorned the entire venue with lush floral arrangements, starting from the stairwell and extending to the courtyard where we erected a stunning asymmetrical arch to serve as the focal point of the ceremony. The arch was adorned with a masse of rambling British foliage, blousy roses, fragrant stocks, and delicate summer blooms in gentle pastel shades. For the wedding lunch, the long banquet tables were filled with numerous cut-glass beakers and bottles brimming with a variety of mixed stems and small posies. Flowers adorned the mantlepiece and windowsills, harmonising with the soft blue walls.

We thoroughly enjoyed designing the floral arrangements for Alix and Oliver’s stunning summer wedding, despite the unexpected challenges posed by the pandemic. Originally planned to be held in France, the couple’s special day was all the more meaningful for us as we got to know them and their families throughout the planning process. Paula fondly recalls the experience, stating, “It was a pleasure to work closely with our lovely couple and their families and to be a part of their wedding journey. This wedding will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Photographs beautifully captured by the talented Anneli Marinovich.