Luxury Wedding at Euridge Manor


This summer, 120 international guests arrived to the Cotswolds for three days of enchanting celebrations spanning multiple locations. The culmination of this grand affair was the luxurious wedding at Euridge Manor, following a splendid welcome party in Wiltshire the previous day. Meticulously orchestrated by Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams, the event was a testament to seamless teamwork and logistical prowess, bringing together an impressive array of suppliers for a truly spectacular occasion. It was both an honour and a pleasure to play a part in this memorable event.


The wedding day itself unfolded with a delightful drinks reception overlooking the boathouse at Euridge Manor, adorned with floral designs that truly set the stage for this fabulous event. Rambling roses and English-garden-style blooms filled the air with the sweet scent of summer.


En route to the ceremony, guests were greeted by a petal bar featuring a selection of classic, scented favourites such as fresh and dried roses, lavender, and delicate rosebuds, elegantly presented alongside monogrammed sachets on their way to the ceremony. Here, the scene that awaited them was nothing short of spectacular:


A towering arch, reminiscent of a fairy tale scene, seemed to grow from the grounds of Euridge Manor, adorned with wild, garden-like blooms framing the altar in the most magnificent way. A meadow-like aisle, adorned with masses of blooms, led the way to the altar, positively overflowing with fluffy hydrangea, roses, delphinium, and delicate locally grown flowers.


The wedding was a breathtaking spectacle, and we couldn’t have imagined a more picturesque setting for a summer celebration. It was a joy to be a part of, and we are immensely grateful for the heartfelt words from our bride:


I don’t know how to thank you enough for the magical and beautiful flower scene you created for our Kin House & Euridge destination wedding. I remember first meeting you and seeing the venue when I first arrived to check in, and just walking around, seeing what I’ve only seen in photos and sketches, filled with your stunning flower designs, made me tear up already!


At the events, seeing everything from the welcome dinner, ceremony arch, the reception terrace, the boathouse, to the dinner under the pergola and the party… Despite the events’ three distinct colour schemes and vibe, all the spaces were so beautifully transformed that it really felt like stepping into a dream each time. You truly make magic with the work that you do, and we are so thankful to have you on the dream team for our special day.