Al Fresco Wedding Dinner at Euridge Manor


Could you picture a more delightful al fresco wedding dinner than this flower-filled, romantic scene? This fabulous setup was just one part of three days of enchanting celebrations meticulously orchestrated by Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams.


Following a welcome party at Kin House in Wiltshire, the wedding day itself unfolded with a delightful drinks reception overlooking the boathouse at Euridge Manor, adorned with a mass of floral designs that truly set the stage for this fabulous event. Rambling roses and English-garden-style blooms filled the air with the sweet scent of summer.


The ceremony was a breathtaking spectacle, and we couldn’t have imagined a more picturesque setting for an outdoor wedding. A towering arch, reminiscent of a fairy tale scene, graced the romantic ruins upon the grounds of Euridge Manor, adorned with wild, garden-like blooms framing the altar in the most magnificent way. A meadow-like aisle, filled with masses of blooms, led the way to the altar, positively overflowing with fluffy hydrangea, roses, delphinium, and delicate locally grown flowers.


Later, the floral theme carried through to dinner where banquet tables were filled with vessels brimming with seasonal blooms and the glow of candlelight. Rambling floral arches created a canopy above the guests, while giant, statement urns overflowing with candy-coloured hydrangea punctuated the space. Everywhere you looked was a whimsical gathering of romantic florals, rambling British foliage, and soft pastel hues. In addition to the many layers of details throughout the space, from the tableware to the lighting—every aspect was designed to delight the senses.


A testament to seamless teamwork and logistical prowess, this luxurious and romantic multi-day wedding brought together an impressive array of suppliers for a truly spectacular occasion. It was both an honour and a pleasure to play a part in this memorable event.