Floral Design In Mallorca


At Paula Rooney Floral Design, we are fuelled by our passion for destination weddings and we have a dedicated team in Mallorca to bring you the best of seasonal flowers for your wedding. With years of experience, we take delight in crafting immersive and captivating floral displays for luxury weddings in Mallorca.


Our exceptional work has earned us the privilege of working with esteemed legacy clients, celebrities, and prestigious 5-star venues. Above all, we understand the delicate balance between application and privacy. Whether we are working with you in your private residence or installing at an exclusive hotel, member’s club, or restaurant, discretion is a hallmark of ours.


In conclusion, our dedicated team, under Paula’s constant direction, delivers a sleek service across Mallorca, producing stunning wedding displays and bouquets that capture the island essence and reflect the sophistication and individuality of our esteemed clientele.


Why Choose Us?


Paula Rooney Floral Designs are renowned worldwide as the epitome of chic opulence, guided and informed by nature with a team of dedicated florists in Mallorca crafting under the direction of Paula.


Paula has 30 years of floral design, garnered across a host of international experiences & the world’s most exclusive events.


A conjunction between superlative white glove service and the highest quality floral art, a Paula Rooney design is perfectly planned, efficiently executed, and beautifully bespoke.


Always abundant yet carefully tailored, rich, and impeccably designed, Paula Rooney has an unparalleled eye for detail. She is a world-renowned talent, creating luxurious, bespoke floral art for the most exclusive weddings in Mallorca.

Paula Rooney Floral Design in Mallorca

How We Work

As an international luxury floral design brand, we follow our clients wherever they are, and we are now proudly based on the stunning island of Mallorca. Our presence in Mallorca allows us to offer our exceptional services locally, while also maintaining our commitment to our clients worldwide.


Firstly, we begin by understanding your design budget to ensure it aligns with our concepts. This allows us to tailor our services to meet your needs. Next, we arrange a Zoom call to discuss your vision and ideas in detail. This helps us capture your desires and start crafting a proposal that reflects your unique style.


Secondly, based on our discussions, we create a comprehensive proposal outlining the design concepts, timeline, and budget. This step ensures we are aligned with your expectations before moving forward. Then, once you approve the proposal, we proceed with booking your event. This secures your date and allows us to delve deeper into the design process.


With your booking confirmed, we develop detailed sketches and conduct site meetings to refine every aspect of the floral design. Our team on the island, led by Paula, ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed. Paula splits her time between Mallorca and the UK, making herself available for site meetings in both locations.


Above all, we are dedicated to creating something magical for your special occasion. So, to begin your journey with us, please email your enquiry. We look forward to crafting an unforgettable floral experience for you.

How to Book Floral Design For Your Wedding in Mallorca


Let’s work together to create a luxury installation that reflects your unique style and vision for your wedding in Mallorca. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, share your ideas, and discover how we can turn your dream into reality. Simply click the button below to inquire and let the magic begin.