Bespoke Floristry Business Mentor Day with Paula


This Bespoke Floristry Business Mentor Day with award-winning Paula Rooney is completely tailored to you and what it is you are striving to achieve.

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This bespoke floristry business mentor day will give you the knowledge and perspective you need to transform and fine-tune your business to the next level. For the florist that wants to level up and transform from a ‘Stressed And Undervalued Owner’ to a ‘Successful And Profitable CEO’.


Get results at a deeper level in an intensive supportive partnership with Paula.


This mentoring power day with Paula is a great fit if you are looking to:


  • Ignite and lean into what actually brings you joy within your floral realm.
  • Develop and align a vision with business practices.
  • Elevate and tailor pricing and offerings that give you creative freedom.
  • Refine and reshape brand messaging, values, ethos, and ideal client.
  • Strategize marketing, production systems, outsourcing, delegation, logistics, and building a great team.
  • Expanding your portfolio, and effective networking to land your dream clients.


How The Floristry Business Mentor Day Works


Once you’ve reserved your Mentoring Day, you’ll be emailed the questionnaire to fill in. Based on your answers, Paula will tailor your one-on-one mentoring session to your specific needs.


Throughout your 1:1 day, you’ll have open access to Paula’s wealth of knowledge, and her little black book of contacts and software systems that can help your business flourish and grow.


Together you’ll explore, expand, edit, and devise a strategic plan that you feel comfortable and confident to implement after you leave.


You’ll take time out for a light breakfast of tea, coffee, and pastries and also a locally sourced artisan lunch as well.


On the day you’ll also book into your diary two follow-up video calls with Paula where she can keep you accountable to your action plan and you also have the opportunity to ask any questions you need to as well.



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