Create the Extraordinary with Christmas Floral Displays


As we get closer to the sparkling season, we are excited to create a world of magic with Christmas floral displays. From fabulous parties to festive homes, we love to create bespoke installations to leave you in awe.

Overnight, we see fairytale displays appear as the world turns into a Winter Wonderland as if by magic. But, of course, there are whole teams of Christmas decorators who make these visions come to life. Especially Paula Rooney Floral Design.

Taking inspiration from the Christmas trends and jovial window displays, we embrace the challenge of creating a festive masterpiece.

Bring the Sparkle into Your Home


Our teams of professional floral designers work their magic in homes all over the UK to produce stunning Christmas floral displays.

We create bespoke designs that are flawlessly beautiful and elegant. From wreaths to 10ft Christmas trees adorned with hand-painted baubles that will charm any living room. Furthermore, we love to create a Christmas floral display for all the senses. Using delectable frankincense, orange, and cinnamon to produce warm scents around your home.

Most importantly, Paula Rooney understands the delicate balance between application and privacy, especially in your home.

Christmas Gallery


We’ve had the opportunity to create Christmas displays for a range of homes, hotels and corporate events. You can see our latest work and festive masterpieces.

How We Work


We work independently to fit around your schedule and take care of every detail to dress your home for Christmas.

Our creative consultancy enables you to tailor the designs to suit your taste. So, whether you are considering a Dickensian style or a contemporary design, we work with a range of materials to create a bespoke design.

Christmas time is all about nostalgia. Therefore, we love to bring family traditions to the forefront of our designs. It is a pleasure to be trusted to be part of these traditions and help our clients have the most wonderful Christmas.

If you would love to fill your home with festive delights, get in touch with our team of Christmas decorators.

A Christmas Floral Display

For your Business


Alongside our beautiful creations for the home, we also have a whole range of options for your business. So, whether you’re a luxury hotel or running a corporate event, we will create a magical Christmas floral display that will delight your guests.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the floral industry, Paula has fine-tuned her design to process to encapsulate your business and bring your vision to life. Plus, as the trusted floral designer for the Four Seasons, you can also guarantee that her attention to detail is second to none.

For more information about booking a Christmas floral display, get in touch.