The Paula Rooney Floral Design Academy will help you ignite that passion for becoming a floral designer. Equipping you with the necessary knowledge to flourish and grow as a business owner.

The academy was born from Paula’s desire to impart knowledge, skill, and expertise within floral design and raise industry standards. With nearly 25 years of industry knowledge and expertise, she will enhance your skills and drive your dreams forward.

With the ever-growing trend in the floral industry for large-scale, global installations and demand for world-class floral designers, there has never been a better time to get started.

Becoming a Floral Designer


You may have a passion for florals or a creative flair that you want to grow and develop into something more. But what does it take to become a floral designer?

We have designed each class within the academy to help you understand the world of floral design from both a creative and business point of view.

Starting with our 1-2-1 floristry business masterclass, Paula will tailor an itinerary to help you run a floral business whether you want to focus on events, floristry or weddings.

Secondly, her 1-2-1 floral design masterclass will teach you about the latest design trends, how to create stunning floral masterpieces and enhance your floristry skills.

Finally, if you’re looking for a longer-term mentor, Paula offers her Signature Mentor Program. If you’re a driven, ambitious floral designer, she will spend three months helping you grow your business and investing in yourself.

Above all, our range of classes will help you succeed and realise your potential.

Floral Designer Classes


We have something for every skill set. So don’t write yourself off because you feel you are perhaps not the most experienced; that is where I can help. Have confidence in yourself and allow yourself to grow.

Signature Mentor Programme with Paula

3 Month Business Mentorship Course with Paula Rooney

Are you a driven and ambitious florist who is doing everything yourself?

Are you feeling burnt out and resentful towards a business you once loved?

Want to know how to grow your business and build a team but are struggling to know where to start?

Let me show you how…

Why Us


If you’re looking for that spark to ignite your business but need support and knowledge to get you there, Paula can help.

Having been in the industry for nearly 29 years, Paula wants to share her experience with you. Having started from nothing, Paula wants to show others they can do it and communicate her true business story. Of course, it wasn’t always a bed of roses!

These courses will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to realise your full potential and empower you to successfully navigate the floral design industry and, most importantly, without compromising yourself.