What to consider when planning a wedding & choosing a wedding florist

Some words of wisdom on wedding planning and how to choose your wedding florist from our very own Paula Rooney.

Every girl dreams of her perfect fairy tale wedding. It is naturally ingrained in us, inspired from generation after generation of bridal stories that dance in our dreams, where we pray for our very own prince charming to sweep us off our feet.

Love is the true magic of life and there is no better feeling than falling head over heels and losing yourself in the sparkle of romance. Perhaps it’s the stories we read that conjure up an image of the perfect union, but true happiness lies in creating your own story and bringing your childhood dreams to reality.

So where do you start?

It is often an overwhelming process planning a wedding, especially when you have to negotiate priorities over your own schedule, attend numerous vendor meetings and source the perfect venue. It is no easy task, but this is what makes the end result all the more rewarding. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many tasks make for hard work, so how is it possible to manage all of your commitments whilst retaining a clear head and creative vision? Is desire enough, or does the process require hard work?

Some of the most inspiring female protagonists come from stories that we all love and cherish. One says that a dream is a wish your heart makes, whereas others show us that hard work and perseverance can ultimately lead you to your desires. The moral being that if you have courage and conviction in your outlook then nothing is impossible.

But what has this got to do with floral design, we hear you ask?

Well, flowers create visual moments of joy and can be entirely personalised to suit your individual taste. The application of flowers can create moments of pure happiness and really enhance any celebration, however, the process of designing the perfect look for your big day takes time and careful planning. As a  wedding florist I like to bring the magic of floral artistry to life for you and to share in your vision. We are there to guide, inspire and advise you.

Much like the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty, some like blue and some like pink, and the beauty of life is expressed through our different tastes. Our wedding design service works around you and your ideas, evolving to make room for enhancements and additions, without ever being forceful. There’s no real wand waving in our studio, but we do weave many skills to create unique designs that create the same magical effect.

It is always so important to us that our clients receive the best quality service and are supported throughout every element of the planning process. We are like floral fairy God mothers who are there to install a little bibbidi-bobbidi-boo and to create visionary masterpieces that help you shine all the way through your wedding day. But unlike Cinderella, where her magic only lasts until midnight, you can guarantee with Paula Rooney Floral Design that the magic will live on and on and will forever be remembered as another classic love story.


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