Colour is the joy of life. Here at the Paula Rooney studio you will always find us obsessing over colour. We have a deep respect for the visual impact and joy that working with colour can bring and always to look to develop our palettes to create visual statements.

The evolution of colour is incredibly exciting and forms a big part of our research when we look to create authentic design that might portray an era gone by or a specific visual aesthetic. We also appreciate the emotional impact, personal importance and visual significance colour can play in our own private lives and how different tones can mean different things to different people. The application of colour has substantial reach, from the most subtle application to bold impact designs, and it is this diversity that we find so exciting.

The change in season is a visual joy for us. The changes in colour throughout the landscape and across all of nature is a joy to behold and we simply love to witness the rich tones of autumn permeate the woodlands and gardens, creating a celebration of natural beauty. The textural variation of autumn is also something which we always anticipate with such joy where we are able to create design with layer upon layer of natural architecture. Autumn creates a wonderful opportunity to use flowers in a bold way and the size and scale of floral design is always weighted throughout this season, especially from the popularity of creating dramatic trees and suspended installations.

We love to be resourceful in our design process and enjoy foraging for natural products – part of the joy of being a floral artist means getting your hands dirty, which we love. Our inspirations come from a whole variety of sources and we aren’t afraid to try new things, weaving different techniques to become sustainable and adding heightened colour to produce standout pieces. We are also fans of traditional design and create elegant concepts inspired by years of floral artistry – somethings never go out of fashion. We are regularly asked about different trends within the season and we thought we would offer some insight:

Paula, what do you love about autumn?

I love the gorgeous changes in colour and texture which we are seeing around us on a daily basis.  We feel so lucky that our studio is situated in the middle of such natural beauty and we love seeing the gradual changes in the scenery, along wrapping up because of the sudden drop in temperature.  We have even noticed we are starting to wear quite typically autumnal colours in the office; today a deep plum coloured cosy knit– life imitating art!

Is there a flower you always love to use in autumn?

I love to use pink nerine and beautiful autumnal berries such as navy viburnum berries, pink snowberries and rose hips.  The gorgeous oak leaf foliage and rich coloured anemones and calla lilies which are in season now too, make simple yet lovely designs.

Can you recommend a unique autumnal colour scheme?

I love to add pinks!  Using all the traditional autumnal colours too of course, but adding in amongst the gourds, foliage, browns, oranges, reds and purples, a little pink of a nerine, or some pink snowberries here and there make for a pop of unexpected colour which is offset against the foliage just adds something rather intriguing.

What is your favourite autumnal design you’ve produced?

I love a good autumnal urn, overflowing and cascading with an abundance of colour and texture.  Foliage, oak leaves, eucalyptus, seasonal flowers and berries, berries, berries!  It’s amazing what can inspire you; sometimes just walking from the car to the studio I see a flash of a feather from one of the guinea fowl, or the tip of a fox’s tail and immediately my head is spinning with colours, ideas, scents and imagination.

Get in touch if you are inspired by something autumnal today!  Use the social media hastag #paularooneyautumninspo

We look forward to hearing all about it.


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